The evolution of writer/producer/composer Andy Rosen began when his older brother handed him a Yamaha DX-100 synthesizer, which sparked his obsession with music production. Upon graduating from the University of Montana, Rosen moved to Brooklyn, where he honed his dark-synth-pop sound as producer and vocalist for the band The Handsome Public. After the group’s final performance at the Iceland Airwaves Festival, Rosen relocated to Los Angeles to focus full-time on production. His bootleg remixes under the moniker Doctor Rosen Rosen caught the attention of various labels leading to official remixes for artists such as  Drake, Lady Gaga, M.I.A., La Roux, Weezer, Britney Spears, and Natalia Kills. Andy soon began writing and producing original material with artists on Atlantic, Universal Republic, Interscope and Sony. This led him to discover his passion and talent for developing new artists, including breakout Meg Myers, whose debut album was released Fall 2015 on Atlantic Records. Andy has continued writing and producing with artists DeathbyRomy (Capitol), Grace Mitchell (Republic), Ofelia K (South X Sea), Siobhan Sainte, and most recently Rubi, whose debut song Jeans’ is featured in Apple’s Introducing Apple Card campaign (a project Rosen also scored.) His work has been licensed for Film/TV with placements on CBS, NBC, CINEMAX, CW, MTV, ABC, FX, CW, NETFLIX and  used in Advertising campaigns by Apple and Victoria’s Secret.